Family Tree Packages

We offer a range of fixed-price packages to suit all research requirements and every budget. With all family trees we will use civil birth, marriage and death records, parish baptism, marriage and burial records, census returns and other records to trace the root person's ancestors. The root person may be the person placing the order, their partner, a parent other relative or friend etc. Using these records we will build up an accurate and detailed picture of the root person's ancestors' lives. Where possible we will provide details of when and where their ancestors were born, where they lived, what they did for a living, when and where they were married, details of their spouses and children, and when and where they died.

When research is complete you will receive a leather-look spring-back binder containing:

Package Types

We offer three different levels of package: Basic, Intermediate and Full. With each package we trace all lines of the root person's ancestors back to a specific number of generations, depending on the level of the package. The price of our research depends on the number of lines being researched; typically a single line would share a surname.